For over a decade, Yehudit Bergman has been producing and designing exclusive custom made wigs, individually suited to each client delivering all-inclusive VIP service; Starting from the choice of hair, building the wig and designing it on the customer, combing, upgrading, dying, adding extra hair and everything needed to create a wig that looks perfect and suits the woman wearing it exactly.

Yehudit embarked on her professional path at a very young age. She was born with talented hands and transformed this into a profession for life.

After her marriage Yehudit opened her own salon with her personal touch that has engraved uncompromising excellence onto its flag and serves a clientele of hundreds of customers young and old from all around the country.

The enormous amount of knowledge that Yehudit has amassed, the deep understanding, and the constant training and study of world trends in design, coupled with her artistic talent and golden skilled hands turned her wigs into a trendy highly in demand brand amongst brides, their mothers, and young women who would like to invest in an innovative wig that is of top quality, and that will keep looking fantastic over time and will always look flattering.

Yehudit's salon  supplies her clients  with stunningly beautiful and  top quality wigs, self-produced with precision and fully customized that provide a perfect solution for any woman at any age and of any type who is interested in an exceptional and beautiful wig with a young and dynamic flair.

The elegant salon includes a large waiting room with an indulging coffee corner, a VIP room where Yehudit accepts her clients one by one offering personal service and discretion and sets aside for them all the time needed until the perfect result is reached, and a separate room for wig combing by professional blow-dryer stylists trained by her.

Yehudit's  dream is to continue leading, to develop and to provide for the community of women haute couture wigs of high professional standard, to export self-produced wigs to every corner of the country as well as to specific suppliers  abroad and to become an inseparable part of every bride in Israel's pre wedding shopping agenda.

100% of the salon's clients leave satisfied and overjoyed with their dream wig – of every type, style and budget and they derive maximum benefit from their investment.

This is your chance to join this success and become a part of this elegant family of hundreds of women who revel in a top standard designed wig of excellent quality – exactly what you always dreamed of.

The YBN Method

Behind this expertise lie many years of intensive learning, research and training that led Yehudit to develop the YBN method – the unique method for optimally matching a wig to its wearer – in a comprehensive process that includes: deciphering all relevant physical data that influence appearance, analyzing facial features and building an individual professional building plan for the new wig.

Each parameter of the data that is checked is of crucial significance towards the final look that will emerge when donning the wig. It is easy to discern between a wig that was customized exactly for a customer and one that does not flatter its wearer despite the large amount of money that was spent on it. The secret lies in professional fitting.

In order to maximize the personal fitting process and to turn it into an enjoyable, focused and short procedure, Yehudit developed formulas and numerical tables as a technological basis of a special computer program that each customer could use to have her photo taken in Yehudit's salon and receive specific recommendations for a perfect wig for her.

In the near future this project will enter its initial developmental stages towards its launching, thus leading a world revolution in the field of suiting wigs with the YBN method.

YBN wigs

The flagship items in Yehudit Bergman's salon are the handmade wigs that are manufactured in the factory of the Y&B brand.

The Y&B factory is managed by Bila Bergman, an artist of a wig manufacturer who has a long and rich experience in manufacturing and sewing premium custom wigs for leading brands. Bila is an expert on everything connected to the process of creating a wig – sewing the wig, planning the hairstyle and shape, handmade work using modern equipment for accurate results – a blend of a massive amount of knowledge and experience with all hair types and popular  wig styles.

Bila Bergman joined Yehudit in setting up a joint business for producing custom fitted luxurious wigs,  in order to provide a perfect solution for the salon's customers, which includes a whole service package from choosing the hair until the designing of a perfectly styled wig precisely suited to the customer – whereby the process of suiting the wig to the customer starts at the stage of choosing the hair and building the wig in a customized way prior to the stage when it is styled on the customer's head in the YBN method – this is a winning formula for a champion wig that reaps compliments!

The superior raw material used, is expensive Brazilian excellent quality hair, without chemical additives for improving the look. The hair is chosen very carefully by Yehudit and Bila themselves after checking all parameters and determining 100% satisfaction.

Yehudit and Bila choose hair for the customer as required for the desired wig according to parameters of thickness, pigment, texture and color. The hair then goes through a cleaning and sorting process in the factory in order to receive smooth and clean hair ready for work.

After that the shape of the wig is determined, as well as its style and final cut even before actually building the wig, in accordance with Yehudit's instructions.

Production is on a very high standard and the finishes are polished by experienced and talented seamstresses.

When the wig is ready the customer is invited to a fitting appointment, for measurements and styling on the head. After this meeting the customer leaves the salon with the beautiful wig of her dreams in her hand, one that meets all her aspirations.

The customer will continue to receive perfect combing and upgrading services for the new wig and will enjoy a top quality wig with a long-lasting fresh and updated look, for many beautiful years of use while maintaining a perfect look.

When you buy a wig from the Y&B collection you know that you chose a unique top quality wig with a rare touch and one that suits you best.


...This is your moment to pamper yourself with a stunning wig that will emphasize your beauty

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